Family Restoration Home

  • Affordable housing for single mothers and their children.
  • These families can live in this home for two years 
  • The purpose of this home is to provide an affordable home while these mothers pursue school or obtaining a specific goal/purpose. 


“The Dream Center has changed the lives of my daughter and myself for the better. I am so thankful to this organization for everything that they have done to help me. For several years before finding the Dream Center, my daughter and I didn’t have an exact place to call “home.” Now, almost 2 years later, we have had our own place to call home. It’s a very rewarding feeling to be able to afford and pay for an apartment on my own. This is an accomplishment to be proud of, and I am! Without the Dream Center, I don’t know where we would be today. The trials and tribulations that led up to me finding the Dream Center have made me a stronger person. The Dream Center and volunteers are wonderful people with a mission to help people and families in need. They have done just that for my daughter and I. I am very grateful! Thank you!”