Update: We were able to provide back to school backpacks to 150 kids in need! We want to thank everyone who contributed especially St. Catherine’s of Spring Lake and TBN New York!

Every year since 2012 our Dream Center has done a back-to-school give away the last Sunday of August. Each year the number of children we have serve increased with last year reaching 172 children. We expect this year to reach over 200 children, but we cannot do this alone.

This past week the Asbury Park Press featured an article about the struggle and apparent failure of the Asbury Park School system. The article cited that over $70,000,000 is spend on the Asbury Park Schools. Yet they have a dismal 51% graduation rate and 54% of Asbury Park 5th graders entering middle school read at a 1st grade level.

Our back-to-school outreach will be working to change these eye-popping statistics. Will be targeting children ages 6-12 who will be entering middle school this year and reading at a below average level. Our primary goal is to see every student prepared and confident to start this new school year, and having the proper school supplies will help provide that.

This academic crisis in our community is not something one group can solve on their own, but if we work together we can see the children of Asbury Park flourish.

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There are three ways you can get involved!!


#1 Purchase a back pack and school supplies and bring to Shore Christian Center Church before August 24th.


#2 You can go online and purchase a back pack and supplies and they will ship directly to us. Click Here.


#3 You can donate the funds to Jersey Shore Dream Center and let us go shopping for you!