The Average Day

Each week we started with ice breaker games as we gathered everyone together to build unity. This was one of our key themes this summer as we taught each child about loving God and loving neighbors. Our group of teachers brought a lesson directly from the Bible and then the fun would begin as the kids divided into different groups and came up with creative ways to “act out” the Bible story. This aspect of our camp really showed us that the kids were truly learning from the program. The final week, the campers had a performing arts skit at graduation, taking a biblical message they learned and acted it out with music and dancing to a live audience. To see the innocent and genuine smiles of each child at graduation was absolutely priceless.

Special Trips and Events

Some of our events each week included: Bowling at Bradley Beach Lanes, Mini Golf on Asbury Park Boardwalk, Movies at Clearview Cinema, International Food Tasting Events, Birthday Celebrations, Swimming, Several Ice Cream Events, and All Around Fun!

Coming this Fall 2013 beginning September 19th, Park Kidz will be starting back again Thursdays at 5pm!